What Carriers do you support?

We try to ensure we have support for everyone, and support is constantly improving.  This is a list of known carriers that we support:

  1. United States
    • All Carriers
    • Virgin Mobile (Supported, but unable to send MMS)
    • US Cellular (Supported, but unable to send MMS)
    • Inland Cellular (Supported, but unable to send MMS)
  2. Canada
    • All Carriers
  3. United Kingdom
    • T-Mobile
    • 3
    • O2
    • Everything Everywhere
    • Orange
    • Vodafone
    • Marathon Telecom
    • Teleena
  4. Australia
    • 3
    • Lycamobile
    • Vodafone
    • Telstra
    • Others (several others may be supported)

There are some additional ones not in this list that we support, we will generally try to update the list whenever possible.

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